Carrier resin LDPE
Recommend Usage Use as Compound (100%)
Shape Granules Form
Safety and Hazard RoSH Compliance
Shelf Life 1 Year in drying condition (Must seal the bag after opened)
Product Package 25 kgs. in Heavy Duty PE Bag

Product Introduction

Easy Clean – MECL111 is very high thermal stability and compatible to use with most thermoplastic resins. Our unique formulation has been included the combination of effective amount to minimize abrasiveness and to reduce the residue on machine due to the low affinity to metal surface. It is safe to use with all plastic machine such as Film blowing machine, Injection molding machine, Sheet Extrusion and Blow molding machine. Easy Clean can be widely used with any process condition from 180 C up to 300 C. It can be reused and re-grinded as many time as needed.

Features and Benefits

  1. Cost Saving comparing to purge with Resins.
  2. Faster in Color changeover time.
  3. Reduces machine Downtime
  4. Reduces Scrap and waste
  5. No need to mix and ready to use
  6. Ideally to shutdown the machine without purging
  7. Safe and User friendly

Disclaimer : The information in this document is known to be correct from the best of our knowledge. The recommendations are only to be used as a guideline in the use of this product. TH Color makes no warranties and no responsibility for the result of use and misuse of this product.


Success Story with our customer

Current Material
TH Color Easy Clean
Other Brand

Customer Machine: Injection 1300 Tons.

Usage/time 10-12 kgs.

Clean up time: 10-15 mins.

No Contamination after purging

Customer Machine: Injection 1300 Tons.

Clean up time: 10-15 mins.

Usage/time 10-12 kgs.

Some Contamination after purging

Pros: No Bubble and Easy to clean

Cons: Lot of Bubble and difficult to clean

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