Company Profile


Utilized Area


Estimated Customers

7,500 Square meters

100 – 120 employees

70% local customers, 30% international Customers

TH Color Co.,Ltd, a manufacturer of color and additive Masterbacth for Thermoplastic and Elastomer industries ranging from blow molding, injection, film, sheet, monofilament, fiber applications, automotives and etc was established in july 2009 by Thai shareholder 100%


Besides long experience and strong know-how of our laboratory team, we also invest enormously in research and development as well as hi-technology machines and equipments for analyzing in order to ensure that each of raw material specification along with final products meet international standard and customer’s requirement.


TH Color is situated in a strategic location with an easy access to all areas; the company is located on Bangna-Trad Road, Samutprakarn, Thailand. With the company’s strategic location in the middle of our customers and suppliers, we therefore, guarantee our prompt delivery service to our customers.


Our in-house workshop and competence engineering team that has direct experience on banbury, twin screw extruder, single screw extruder and others machines can provide promptly service and support to ensure that all machineries can be run effectively with efficiency Masterbatch outcome.