Active ingredientsFluoropolymer, Lubricant, Ethylene co-Polymer
ApplicationBlown Film, Cast Film and Sheet, Injection
Carrier resinLDPE
Recommend Addition Rate0.5-1.0%
ShapeGranule Form
Regulation ComplianceRoHS , AP89(I), FDA
Shelf Life 1 Year in dry condition (Please seal the bag after opening)
Product Package20 kgs. in Heavy Duty PE Bag

Product Introduction

Processing Saver – MEPA001 is a processing aid additive. It helps to enhance process ability and to reduce production cost. It is widely used in various applications ranging from Blown Film, Injection, Extrusion to Monofilament and Fiber.

Features and Benefits

  • – Eliminates and reduce of Sharkskin
  • – Reduces and Improve melt Fracture
  • – Reduces of die built up and extend running time
  • – Helps to improve Clarity and reduce gel formation
  • – Improves throughput and Energy Conservation

Disclaimer : The information in this document is known to be correct from the best of our knowledge. The recommendations are only to be used as a guideline in the use of this product. TH Color makes no warranties and no responsibility for the result of use and misuse of this product.

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